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Does it hurt?
The most common question! Yes and no. We like to tell people "it hurts enough that you don't go looking for it!". What we mean is, yes, you will probably feel getting hit, but practically no one decides not to play after being hit the first time. Adrenalin kicks in and you've very quickly forgotten about being hit and instead become focused on getting your revenge!

The stories you hear of people coming home with broken skin, welts the size of apples and not being able to walk right for days? Those are either exaggerations or from less-reputable facilities who don't care about safety and people having fun.

Is it safe?
Yes, very! Statistically speaking it's very safe with only 0.2 injuries annually per 1,000 players. That compares very well to ice hockey (3.7), soccer (2.4), tennis (1.1) and even running (0.6)! (Source: American Sports Data Inc, 2003).
We take safety very seriously at Edmonton Paintball Centre. All of our staff are well trained and follow established procedures to ensure player safety. Also, all players must watch a safety briefing before each session. Check out our Safety page for more details.

How does paintball work at Edmonton Paintball Centre
For our group bookings (Birthday Parties, Stags, Corporate Events, etc), you'll be assigned your own Group Leader who will stay with you your entire visit. They will get you all setup, go through the safety briefing with you and organize your games. If you need anything, just ask! They'll organise a variety of games including Capture The Flag, Protect The VIP, etc. You're welcome to suggest games too.

Do we play with other people?
If you have a group booking, NO! We find that paintball is much more enjoyable when you're playing with people you know. That's why for the majority of our customers, they choose to play in a private group setting. We require a minimum of 8 people for a private group booking.
If you don't have 8 people, you're welcome to come to one of our Drop-In Sessions where you'll play with other people who came that day. We have drop in sessions for bother equipment owners and equipment renters.

How many paintballs will I go through?
That depends on the person. Some of our guests only need a couple hundred paintballs to last for their bookings, while some people will go through over a thousand. On average our players go through 400-500 paintballs a session.

Do I have to bring my own paintball gun/coveralls/mask?
No, we supply everything you need to play. You just need to show up in closed toed shoes that have a good grip on them. Take a look at the equipment we provide.

Can I bring my own paintballs?
No. Outside paintballs are not allowed. Just like you can't bring your own steak to a restaurant, you can't bring your own paintballs here. It's also a safety risk: paintballs are of varying quality and get harder over time. Anyone caught with outside paint will be asked to leave with no refunds given.

Can I bring my own gun?
Yes, BUT, it will need to be inspected and chronographed for speed (around 220-240fps). It must be in good working order and you must have the tools and knowledge to adjust the speed it shoots at.
If you're coming with a group of people who will be using our equipment, we also recommend you use our equipment. It helps level the playing field and ensure everyone has fun.
There's no discount for bringing your own equipment.

Do paintballs stain?
Paintballs don't actually have paint inside them, weird right? They have mixture of a vegetable oil and a food coloring. They won't stain, but we don't recommend you wear your best shoes when you come.

Do you have HPA?
Yes, we have HPA (High Pressure Air) and CO2 for people who bring their own equipment.

How do I make a booking?
Simply visit our booking page to see the available time slots and book online, or give us a call at (780) 800-2324. Our bookings require a minimum of 8 people (10 on Saturdays). We require a $200 deposit to confirm you booking. On the day, we can either refund that back to your card or apply it to you bill - it's basically just to make sure you show up.

How old do you have to be to play paintball?
The minimum age for full-sized paintball. is 10 years old. This is for two reasons; 1) there's some very important safety rules that need to be followed and children under 10 have difficulty remembering/following them, and 2) our marks often don't fit small children's heads.
Mini Paintball is only for ages 8 to 12 years old.
Please note also that any group composed of all or mostly under 14 year olds requires 2 adults to be playing with them for extra supervision.

Do you have lockers?
Yes! And they are free!

Is there parking onsite? Or can I take transit?
We have a large free parking lot to the east of the building.. We are located on a main bus route. Visit our Location page for all the details!

Do you allow alcoholic beverages?
No. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at Edmonton Paintball Centre. Also, players deemed to be under the influence of any substance will not be allowed to participate.
We do have relationships with a number of establishments, we are happy to work with you to find somewhere to go afterwards.

Can I bring my own food in?
Yes, we allow outside food, but no outside drinks. We sell a variety of pop, energy drinks, Gatorade and water. If you are planning to enjoy a few snacks during your booking, please mention this at the time of booking. Meals are best consumed at the end of the paintball session.
We can also arrange food for you ranging from simple pizza delivery to full plated three-course meals from some amazing local catering companies.

What time are you open?
We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for private group bookings. We also have walk-on/drop-in sessions. Check the Walk-In page for days/times.

Do you have a pro shop?
No, we don't. We offer a small variety of consumables such as o-rings, etc. If you are looking for a paintball shop in Edmonton, check out Prevail Paintball or if you're looking for parts, check out

Player Ages
Full-Sized Paintball:
10+ years old

Mini Paintball:
8-12 years old only

Group Size
Full-Sized Paintball:
Minimum 8
22-80 player groups also available

Mini Paintball:
up to 15 players and up to 20 players

Bookings Available 24/7
Book for anytime! Really!

Edmonton Paintball Centre

10010 107a Ave NW (directions)
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 4H8

Phone: (780) 800 2324

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