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We're growing fast and need good people to help us grow and deliver awesome experiences to our customers.

We're a relaxed, fun place to work. Everyone gets on well with everyone else and has fun at work. Our customers walk out the door saying "that was so much fun", so it's not hard to enjoy your work. If you're having fun, they're having fun.

We're looking for people for part-time work, with a few guaranteed shifts and then some random ones, usually during the week. You MUST be able to work on the weekends (both Saturday and Sunday). We'll work with you for your schedule if you're the right person/people. However, we DO NOT have any full-time positions at the moment.

We're very much open to men and women, it doesn't matter to us at all. We pay better than retail, but less than oilfield... for the right people, we'll pay what you need to be paid. Our staff are an important part of what we do, so we try and look after them!

Position: Full-Sized Paintball Group Leaders

Group Leaders job is to, well, lead groups. Almost everything we do is private groups (things like Birthday Parties, Stags and Corporate Events) and each one has a Group Leader who looks after them and basically makes sure they have an awesome (and safe!) time. Group leaders stay with their group throughout their visit with us.

Other parts of the job will be things like maintaining equipment, greeting people as they arrive, etc.

If you have experience in any of the following, you might be the kind of person who makes a great Group Leader:
- coaching sports
- swimming instruction
- bartending or serving
- teaching

You do NOT need ANY paintball experience. We will teach you everything you need to know about that part (it's quite easy). What we can't teach you is things that should come naturally to you; being comfortable talking to large groups of people of various types - old, young, scared, aggressive, etc.

Position: Desk Staff

We need to add a Desk Person to our crew. This team member is the smiling face who greets our customers as they arrive, they help to answer questions, make sure all of our equipment is shiny and clean, and help us to stay on schedule.

Don't worry if those aren't things you've done before, but ask yourself if they're the kind of thing you *could* do.

The ideal people to work with us are...
- outgoing
- confident
- friendly
- always willing to help
- loud (or able to be loud)
- able to speak to a large group of people with authority and confidence
- able to be on your feet for a few hours at a time
- a post-secondary student
- over 18 (sorry kiddos)
- have a reliable way to get Downtown (free parking and on a main bus route)
- are NOT looking for just a summer job (if your hours change come September, thatís fine)

Does this sound like you? If so, we want to hear from you! Read on...

First, ask yourself the following questions:
- Do I like to talk to random people?
- Am I confident about saying things even when I don't entirely know (thinking on my feet)?
- Am I reliable and do the things I say I'm doing to when I say I'm going to?
- Can I get to Downtown Edmonton fairly easily?
- Am I looking for a part time job?
- Do I like people?
- Do I mind children?
- Do I have awesome verbal communication skills?
- Can I work on the weekends?
If you answered no to any of those, sorry, this job isn't for you. If you answered yes, move on!

Apply here:

Please do not call, thanks.

Please include something in the application too. Don't just tell us "here's my resume". You will not get a call if you do that. Tell us a little about yourself. Tell us a little about what you're looking for (hours, availability, etc). Tell us why you'd be awesome at this job. Also, tell us if you're a dog or cat person (this it to see who reads everything....). If you can't do these simple things, you're not good at following directions, and that's a problem...

We genuinely look forward to hearing from you! If you have applied before, feel free to apply again!

PS, we're not looking to hire people who are "good at paintball", unless you also fit everything above. Being good at paintball is not a requirement or helpful for this position. Our players are generally totally new to paintball and keeping them safe and having fun is much more important than them keeping their elbows in...

Player Ages
Full-Sized Paintball:
10+ years old

Mini Paintball:
8-12 years old only

Group Size
Full-Sized Paintball:
Minimum 8
22-80 player groups also available

Mini Paintball:
up to 15 players and up to 20 players

Bookings Available 24/7
Book for anytime! Really!

Edmonton Paintball Centre

10010 107a Ave NW (directions)
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 4H8

Phone: (780) 800 2324

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