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Mini Paintball is a brand new product at Edmonton Paintball Centre!

Designed specifically for kids ages 8-12 years old, Mini Paintball is based on JT Splatmaster equipment.
These lighter, pump-action paintball guns shoot smaller paintballs at half the speed of regular paintball guns.

Mini Paintball Party Package

All required equipment included:
- Splatmaster Paintball Gun
- Full face mask
- Camouflage coveralls with built-in neck protector
- Body armour
- Gloves

All required paintballs

2 hours of supervised activities
- Your own Group Leader gets you equipped, keeps you safe and organises your games
- Includes approximately 90 minutes of private paintball field time

Party Area Usage
- 60 minutes after your booking in our Staging Area for cake, pizza, presents, etc

Group photo
- We'll take a group photo that you can download from our Facebook Page!

$329 $299 for 10 players
On Sale for just $299+GST!
$30 for each additional player up to 14 maximum

$495 $449 for 15 players
On Sale for just $449+GST!
$30 for each additional player up to 20 maximum

Please note that Mini Paintball is ONLY for children - adults cannot play (see below)


What Other People Are Saying...

Just had my 9 yr olds bday here, and I was totally impressed. It was all the kids first time paintballing, and they all had a blast! Thanks to the great staff for making the kids first time a success!!!

Posted by Sabina Cooke on Monday, 13 April 2015

Mini paintball was fantastic!! The boys had so much fun and their guide was the best. This was declared the best birthday party EVER.

Posted by Nadine Cook on Sunday, 1 February 2015

Does it hurt?
No! Mini Paintball guns shoot smaller paintballs at half the speed. The kids will feel getting hit, but it won't hurt.

What's the difference between Mini Paintball and regular paintball?
Mini Paintball is different from regular paintball in that:
- Paintballs are much smaller
- The guns shoot about half the speed of regular paintball guns
- The guns are much lighter
- The games we play are designed for younger children (playground style games)
- It's a fixed price, with all the paintballs required included
- The playing time is shorter (90 minutes vs 2-2.5 hours)


Do we have to organise our own games?
Nope, your Group Leader will organise the games. We're really good at it! Players are always supervised by one of our experienced staff.

How old do the players need to be?
Mini Paintball is specifically for players aged 8 to 12 years old. The paintballs are smaller and shoot at half the speed of regular paintball, so there's almost no ouch factor!

Can under 8s play?
Unfortunately not, sorry. There's two main reasons: 1) the guns have to be "pumped" between shots. It's not hard, but younger kids are often not strong enough to do it. And 2) there's some safety rules that have to be followed, and we've found younger kids can't reliably do that, which puts them and others in danger.

Can adults play too?
No. In our experience Mini Paintball works best when it's just kids. If you want to play with the kids, and they're old enough, consider a regular paintball birthday party.

What's the minimum and maximum number of players?
Mini Paintball parties are priced at $299 for 10 players and $449 for 15 players. You can add extra players to either package for $30 each, up to a maximum of 14 or 20.
There's no real minimum number of players, but most games need at least 6 players. There's no discount if you bring less than 10 players.

Do we play with other people?
No! We do not mix group bookings. You'll only be playing with your group and will have your own assigned Group Leader to look after you. They're there to help you with whatever you need, including equipment, organizing games, getting drinks and generally being awesome!

How long does it take?
The safety briefing and issuing equipment takes about 30 minutes. You then play for 90 minutes, for a total of 2 hours.
You're welcome to stay after for up to 60 minutes (see below).

How much are extra paintballs? Are there any other costs?
There are no extra paintballs. All the paintballs that could be needed are included in the package price. No nasty surprises! The only potential additional cost is soft drinks ($1.50 to $3).

Can we stay after paintball for cake, pizza, presents, etc?
Yes! We have a large Staging Area with picnic tables in. You're welcome to stay after your paintball games for up to 60 minutes and have cake, pizza, presents, etc. There's no additional cost for this.
Please note: we do not allow outside drinks. We have a huge selection of soft drinks available here though!

We're not a group of 8-12 year olds, can we play Mini Paintball?
Not at this time. Right now we're just offering Mini Paintball for kids birthday parties. If you're really interested in playing Mini Paintball for something else, get in touch and we'll let you know when we'll be expanding it.

Player Ages
Full-Sized Paintball:
10+ years old

Mini Paintball:
8-12 years old only

Group Size
Full-Sized Paintball:
Minimum 8
22-80 player groups also available

Mini Paintball:
up to 15 players and up to 20 players

Bookings Available 24/7
Book for anytime! Really!

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