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Paintball Pricing Information

Just want to play paintball with your friends? Come down to Edmonton Paintball Centre for an awesome night out!

You have two choices: you can either make a booking for 8+ people (see below) and play privately with your own group leader, or you can come to one of our Drop-In/Walk-On sessions and play with whoever else is there that day. There's no minimum player numbers required for Drop-In/Walk-On, so it's ideal if there's only a few of you.

Our basic package is just $35 per person and includes everything you need to play. Paintball is suitable for ages 10 and up.

Package 1
Equipment Rental
Paintball Gun
Anti-Fog Mask
Coveralls & Gloves
Body Armour

200 Paintballs

per person
Package 2
Equipment Rental
Paintball Gun
Anti-Fog Mask
Coveralls & Gloves
Body Armour

500 Paintballs

per person
Package 3
Equipment Rental
Paintball Gun
Anti-Fog Mask
Coveralls & Gloves
Body Armour

600 Paintballs

per person
Most Popular
Package 4
Equipment Rental
Paintball Gun
Anti-Fog Mask
Coveralls & Gloves
Body Armour

1000 Paintballs

per person
How Packages Work
Each player chooses their own package at the beginning of their visit.
Extra paintballs can be added at any point for $10 for 100 or $25 for 300.

All packages also include:

2.5 hours of supervised activities
- your own Group Leader gets you equipped, keeps you safe and organises your games
- includes approximately 2 hours of private paintball field time

Party area usage
- stay at the centre for cake, presents, etc after you play

Group photo
- we'll take a few photos of your event and you can get them from our Facebook Page!


How many paintballs do we need?
The basic 200 paintballs will either last you 10 minutes, or all evening, it depends entirely on your playing style. The average though is 300-500 per person.

Do we have to organise our own games?
Nope, your Group Leader will organise the games, including Capture The Flag, Protect The VIP and Attack-and-Defend The Fort among others! Players are always supervised by one of our experienced staff.

How old do the players need to be?
The minimum age for paintball is 10 years old. We leave it to parent's to decide if their children/group is mature enough for it. We have almost no problems with younger players and our staff are very good at keeping them in line and safe while still having huge amounts of fun!

Can adults play too?
Yes! In fact, if you have a group of primarily under-13s, we require 2 adults to be playing too (one for each team). This serves a couple of purposes; 1) extra sets of eyes on the players, and 2) an adult to provide encouragement and coordination for the teams.

What's the minimum and maximum number of players?
The minimum group size is 8 players.
We can easily accomodate groups of up to 80 people if you want to bring the whole extended family or half your school!
If you don't have 8 people, consider coming during our Drop-In times.

Do we play with other people?
No! We do not mix group bookings. You'll only be playing with your group and will have your own assigned Group Leader to look after you. They're there to help you with whatever you need, including equipment, organizing games, getting drinks and generally being awesome!

How much are extra paintballs? Are there any other costs?
Extra paintballs, if needed, are $10 for 100 or $25 for 300 including a free belt pack rental to carry them.
We do not charge for using our party areas nor for bringing in your own food. We do however not allow outside drinks. We have a huge selection of soft drinks available here though!

When can we book?
Anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Weekends are always much busier than weekdays, so book as far in advance as possible. That being said, if you want to come tomorrow (or even this evening!), give us a call, we'll do everything we can to fit you in.

How do we book?
The easiest way is to check availability and book online with our online booking system. Or, feel free to give us a call at 780-800-2324 or drop us an email
We require a $200 deposit to secure your booking. On the day, we can either refund this back to you, or apply it to your bill.


Deposits and Cancellations

For all Full-Sized Paintball group bookings (Birthday Parties, Stags, Corporate Events, etc) we require a $200 deposit to secure your booking. Your event is NOT BOOKED until we have received this deposit. You can pay it by Credit Card over the phone or online, or by Cash, Debit and Credit Card in person at the Centre. At your event, we can either refund the deposit to your credit card or apply it to your bill. Your choice.

The minimum group size for Full-Sized Paintball is 8 players. You're welcome to add players to your group after you have made your booking, only if our capacity allows for them. Ideally book for as close to your group size as possible.

You have 48 hours from paying your deposit to cancel and receive a full refund (unless the event is less than 48 hours away). After 48 hours, no refunds can be given. Up to 10 days after you pay you deposit, you're able to re-schedule your event (unless the event is less than 10 days away) without charge. After 10 days, no changes or refunds can be given.

If you arrive with less players than our minimum (8 players), we will keep $25 of your deposit for each person you are under the minimum. For example, if you book and only have 6 players play, we will keep $50 of your deposit and either refund $150 or apply it to your bill.

Winter Weather Policy
We live in a winter city and as such, sometimes we get bad weather. We are open during all but the most exceptional of weather circumstances. We cannot move or refund your booking because of bad weather, beyond our payment policy above.

If you have any questions about this policy, please Contact Us before booking.

Player Ages
Full-Sized Paintball:
10+ years old

Mini Paintball:
8-12 years old only

Group Size
Full-Sized Paintball:
Minimum 8
22-80 player groups also available

Mini Paintball:
up to 15 players and up to 20 players

Bookings Available 24/7
Book for anytime! Really!

Edmonton Paintball Centre

10010 107a Ave NW (directions)
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 4H8

Phone: (780) 800 2324

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